About Eyetique


Our brand promise

: To always deliver outstanding care and quality service to our patients and customers.

Our Values

At Eyetique we believe in using the latest technologies to aid us in doing everything comprehensively—right down to your basic eye exam.

At Eyetique, our values are what set us apart

Commitment – We understand that every patient has unique vision care needs and we are committed to providing the best eyecare possible.

Style – We carry the hottest designer eyewear to fit you and your lifestyle.

Communication – We believe that open communication with our patients is critical in providing the best patient care possible.

Passion – We have a tremendous passion for helping patients take care of their most precious gift, eyesight.

Photograph of optometrist and patient

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Our History

Our founder, Norman Childs, was only 21 years old when he opened Eyetique. In 1979, he had nothing but a used desk, a high-interest loan, and an ambitious desire to give every customer stylish, high-quality eyewear and a world-class experience.

Almost 40 years later, Eyetique has over a dozen locations throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio all offering the finest craftsmanship and design. We are a proud member of the AEG vision, a successful and experienced management team that supports us in providing outstanding, personalized customer service and luxury brands that fit your personality and lifestyle.

Our Philanthropy

Eyetique is a proud sponsor of Pittsburgh Animal Aviation Rescue Team, a volunteer flying service rescuing endangered animals. PAART is an extensive network of over 100 pilots, drivers, and volunteers who fly throughout the Eastern United States and the Caribbean to rescue animals from natural disasters, euthanization, and abuse and transport them to somewhere safe to enjoy long, healthy lives. PAART was co-founded by Eyetique’s Regional Vice President Brad Childs, enabling him to combine an intense passion for flying with his love for animal welfare.